Pita Retail

Pita Retail

Time to relax

Time out with your favourite dishes accompanied by the “pitaki mia”. Perfect for a break, snack or the end to a tiring day.

With the simplest and yet always the finest and tastiest ingredients, the unique flavor of “pitaki mia” can help you create snacks that can have their own place in Greek gastronomy.

They can be effortlessly paired with any of your favorite flavours, sweet and savory. As well as accompany any meal giving the homemaker/host a simple solution to make each and every spread unique and delicious.

Within a wide range of pita in various sizes and flavors (wheat, corn or whole meal) chose that which your hunger needs and lose yourself in the magic of flavor.

Combine the delicious pita mia with sweet or savory options to make dishes which will give their flavorsome note in the day and will thrill all ages, young and old.

Pita Retail Διάμετρος CM Βάρος Τεμάχια ανά πακέτο Πακέτα ανά Κιβότιο Κιβότια ανά παλέτα Τεμάχια ανά παλέτα Διατήρηση θερμοκρασία
110500008 C8- Wheat pita 10 350g 8 16 72 9216 - 18° C
130500008 C8- corn pita 10 350gΡ 8 16 72 9216 - 18° C
120500008 C8- Wholegrain pita 10 350ΓΡ 8 16 72 9216 - 18° C
140500009 C8- Multigrain pita 10 350g 8 16 72 6912 - 18° C