Kaloidas Family Corporation

The Company Pita Mia

Our family brand name has 63 consecutive years in the history of pita bread making. This experience helps us today, as the third generation in the business to lead again in the manufacturing of authentic Greek pita bread. With responsibility and respect to our traditions we come forth into the market offering only the best in flavor and quality.

We have given pita a new name, where traditions meet contemporary nutritional values “pita mia”, your pita, the one and only!

Having the yeast which in this case is our grandfathers traditional recipe, combined with all the latest technological advances in our production lines we are very proud to present to the market our new “pita mia” brand.

The bakery product that awakens tasty memories we savor from the past and maintains a light and fluffy texture with quality and tradition. The good quality of the raw materials, innovative method of preparation in state of the art facilities and quality controls at all stages of the manufacturing as well as the nutritional demands of our customers are all characteristics that benefit to the result of the tasty and delicious “pita mia”.

Furthermore, by recognizing the needs in the market of mass catering, we have invested and widened the span of our activities by creating a series of bake-off and soft breads this way satisfying every professionals needs for tasteful quality bakery products. “ISTORIES FOURNOY” means - “Bakery stories”.

Authentic flavors kneaded with care, affection and first grade flours. “Istories Fournou” bakery products are made in the traditional rustic way that will surprise and amaze you with their freshness and unique appetizing nature, and write their own story.